Sailing Through The Venice of The East: A Comprehensive Guide By Alexis Delevaux

Alexis Delevaux, a native of France and a lover of the vibrant Vietnamese culture, provides an in-depth guide to exploring the mesmerizing city popularly known as the Venice of the East. With a wealth of experience and a deeply rooted passion for travel, Alexis takes us on an enchanting journey through exuberant, chaotic, and compelling Vietnam.

First Encounter with the Venice of the East

Alexis's first encounter with Vietnam was during his backpacking adventure across Asia right after high school. Intrigued by the resilience and the warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people, he fell in love with the culture and was astounded by their rich historical background. It was during this trip that he first experienced the Venice of the East, a city that was uniquely different with its floating markets, charming French architecture, and intricate waterways. This encounter left an indelible imprint on his heart, shaping his future career path.

Immersive Experience in Vietnam

Upon completing his studies in France, Alexis decided to return to Vietnam where he spent five years working as a tourist coordinator at the French Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City. This immersive experience offered him a first-hand perspective of Vietnamese customs, traditions, and lifestyle, enhancing his proficiency in the Vietnamese language.

The Venice Of The East

Also known as the Mekong Delta or Can Tho in Vietnam, the Venice of the East is a city that floats on water. Famed for its floating markets, life in Can Tho revolves around the water, with inhabitants living in stilt houses built over the canals.

Transition to Entrepreneurship

Recognizing an opportunity to share his love for Vietnamese culture with others, Alexis decided to turn his passion into a business venture. He leveraged his expertise and established his travel agency, which caters to Asian tourists interested in experiencing France through the eyes of a local.

Pick The Brain of An Expert

From river cruises to visits to local markets and quaint cafes, Alexis's guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to navigate the Venice of the East. The guide, which is steeped in Alexis's personal experiences and expert knowledge, promises a unique and memorable exploration of the city.

A Recipe for Success

Today, Alexis constantly straddles between Hanoi and Paris to give a more personal approach to his client’s needs. With an in-depth understanding of both cultures, he offers a unique blend of experiences that sets his travel agency apart from others. His local connections, language proficiency, and passionate determination make him the perfect guide for sailing through the Venice of the East.

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