Balance and Harmony in Vietnam: Spiritual Retreats Guided by Alexis Delevaux

Venturing out to a new country to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit is always an enriching experience. And when your guide is Alexis Delevaux, a Frenchman with an intimate knowledge of, and a deep love for Vietnam, the experience turns magical. Alexis, with his years of professional and personal interactions with Vietnam, offers spiritual retreats that help you discover not only the country's breathtaking landscapes but also your inner peace.

The Journey of Alexis Delevaux

Born into a family that owned travel agencies, growing up in the shadow of Montparnasse Tower in Paris, Alexis Delevaux nurtured dreams of exploring the globe from a very young age. After graduating high school, Alexis traveled to Asia, setting off on an adventure that would take him on a lifelong love affair with the culture and people of Vietnam. This passion later led him to establish Découvrez la France avec Alexis, a travel agency catering specifically to an Asian clientele wanting to explore France. But Alexis's heart belonged to Vietnam. That is reflected in his spiritual retreats, where he guides visitors through the country's most serene and historic places, passing on his deep knowledge and love for the land and its traditions.

A Unique Blend of Zen and Adventure

Being a part of Alexis's spiritual retreats is not just traveling. It is an exercise in finding balance and harmony. As your guide, Alexis shares anecdotes from his life in Vietnam, introduces you to lesser-known aspects of Vietnamese culture, and guides you to hidden, peaceful corners where you can connect with your inner self away from the bustling world. Practicing Tai Chi at dawn by the calming waters of Halong Bay or meditating in the tranquility of the Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Dalat city, the experiences Alexis offers are beyond the typical.

Discover the Culture and Heritage of Vietnam

Alexis Delevaux's spiritual retreats are designed for those willing to immerse themselves in the culture and tradition of Vietnam fully. It's an opportunity to explore Vietnam beyond the postcard-perfect landscapes and bustling cities. It's about relishing the delicate flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, engaging with the locals who weave stories of their history, and soaking in the timeless cultural practices that have shaped Vietnam's identity over the centuries.

Making Vietnam Your Home Away From Home

The beauty of being guided by Alexis is that you never feel like a stranger in a foreign country. He has lived here, worked here, loved here. Today, splitting his time between Hanoi and Paris, Alexis strives to bridge the gap between his clients and Vietnam. You're not just a tourist on a trip with him; you're a friend, embarking on a journey of discovery and spiritual self-improvement together. Alexis Delevaux's spiritual retreats in Vietnam aren't just vacations. They're transformative experiences that put you in touch with a soulful side of you that the everyday hustle might have forced you to ignore. Come and discover Vietnam with Alexis, and leave with memories and learnings that stay with you for a lifetime.

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